Packing Tips

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Here are some packing tips that you must follow to make your move easy

If you want your move to be fast and easy, there are a few things that you need to do before the arrival of packers and movers. Follow the tips given below in order to make your move easy, less stressful, and better.

Checklist and budget

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is make a checklist that includes the things to be moved depending upon the timeline. Some people start doing this a month ago and some of them prefer doing it a week ago. So, depending upon your timeline, you must create a checklist and sort things out. Secondly, set a budget for moving all your belongings. This way your move will be well organised and there won’t be any last-minute problems. 

Declutter your house

Always declutter your house before completely diving into packing your things. Decluttering your house and getting rid of the useless things makes it easy to move. This way you can move the things that you actually need and not those that you do not use anymore. Also, figuring out what things you need to keep, sell and donate will reduce your stress and workload. Most importantly, get rid of the furniture that you do not need anymore.

Buy some moving boxes

Keeping your belongings in moving boxes for the removalists to carry is always a win-win. Moving boxes are more durable as compared to normal boxes and are also easy to carry. This way you can keep your things organised and there won’t be any issue of damaging your fragile belongings. 

Categorize your things

While packing your belongings, categorize and sort your things. Sort out your clothes, books, documents, shoes, and all the other things into different categories so that you would not have to increase your work upon moving into a new house. You can even print different colored labels to categorize the things from each room. This will save a lot of your time while unpacking.

Do not overpack

While packing, make sure you use the right sized boxes for your belongings and do not overcrowd the box. Cramming all the belongings into a few boxes will just make things worse. So, use as many boxes as you need to pack your things but keep it less and well organised. Put heavy items in small boxes and the lighter ones in large boxes. This way you can avoid damage and breakage of your belongings.

Cover up the fragile items

Make sure you cover up fragile items with packing paper, bubble wraps, and blankets or just stuff a lot of waste papers or padding into the boxes. Always ensure that you do not leave any gaps in the boxes containing fragile items. Fill up the gaps with papers or clothes to avoid shifting of the items during the move.

Label or take pictures of your electronics

Take a few pictures of your electronics items before taking them off and packing. This will help you set them up again after moving. You can also put labels on them to avoid much confusion. Same thing goes with the furniture. Label the drawers, doors, screws, and bolts such that you can easily fix them up later.

Pack your kitchen items in stocks

Pack all your dishes, silverware, bakeware, ceramics, etc separately. Do not put all your kitchenware in a single box. Also, never stack up dishes into the box horizontally. Always, place the dishes in a vertical manner making separate sections in a box. Remember to pack all these items with a lot of padding. This will ensure that the items won’t clash with each other and break. 

Cover your toiletries

Use plastic wraps to cover your toiletries especially shampoos and conditioners that have a potential to leak. Wraps the bottles with a saran wrap or ziploc bags to ensure that they do not leak. Also, keep liquid toiletries separate from dry toiletries to avoid mixing and leakages. 

Pack a clear transparent box

Pack a clear transparent box with the things that you world need right away. This will help you settle in your new house without having to unpack all your things in the boxes immediately. This box should be made for the things that come in handy such as toilet paper, hand soap, shower curtain, towels, snacks, and so on. Basically, this box should contain all the items that you would need to spend a day without unpacking the boxes. 

Pack for an emergency bag

It is very likely that you would not be able to unpack all your belongings on the same day of moving. So, make a separate bag for packing the items that you would use right away or that would come in handy in case of emergencies such as a set of clothes, toiletries, water bottle, sanitary items, laptop, candles, etc.

Things to pack separately from your belongings

There are a few things that you need to carry but you cannot bring them along with your belongings in a moving truck. Such things can be hazardous to carry in the truck so it is better to carry them separately or dispose them off. Tools, cleaning chemicals, paints, and medicines must be carried separately. Even batteries, fire extinguishers, heating agents, and other similar items must be carried separately. 

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